Dr. Dieter Pohl & Dr. Bloomenthal

Obesity is a very personal problem. Dr. Pohl and Dr. Giovanni, the Rhode Island Surgeons weight loss surgery team at Roger Williams Medical Center, have used surgery to help people deal with their weight problem successfully for many years. They have performed more than 1000 weight loss surgeries and have been a “Bariatric Center of Excellence” since 2005.

Every person is different and needs personalized care. That’s why they spend a lot of time with each person to understand their needs, evaluate their health conditions in detail, educate them about their options, get them ready for surgery, perform the surgery, guide the surgical aftercare, keep them engaged in a lifelong relationship with us to improve and maintain their health and happiness.

To obtain more information about Bariatric Surgery, weight loss surgery, go to “Is Surgery for You?

Above content from the Roger Williams Medical Center Website.

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