Trick or Treats, Toy Instead of Eats

When asked in a survey, kids were just as happy with toy Halloween treats as candy. So here are some suggestions for toy treats for your Halloween trick or treaters:

  • Halloween pencils, crayons, erasers
  • Halloween magnets or stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Creepy, crawly, rubbery worms, spiders, etc.
  • Orange colored or pumpkin shaped note pads
  • Orange, black or Halloween balloons
  • Bubbles or whistles


Still want to provide a treat to eat? Try these healthier ones:

  • Sugar-free gum
  • Individually wrapped packages of:
    -Raisins or other dried fruit
    -Teddy bear graham crackers
    -Pumpkin or sunflower seeds for older children
  • Individual juice boxes of 100% fruit juice

Save money! Buy next year’s toy treats after Halloween this year!

Written by: | October 19, 2012

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